Forbes France Sets Launch Date

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Finally, the language that gave us the word “entrepreneur” will have its own edition of Forbes. Starting this fall, Forbes France will be live at

In the U.S., Forbes has made local and global financial news available to anyone interested. Americans are able to read Forbes’ articles either by turning the pages of its glossy magazine, or by scrolling through daily market reports on a glowing computer screen.

At first, Forbes France will be available only as a website, but there are already plans for expansion, including offering live events and circulating a regular magazine. All of Forbes France’s content will be written in french, and 70% of content will relate to French and European business and financial news. The other 30% will relate to global news.

But don’t expect just to see Forbes France on the screens of French businessmen; Forbes articles cover a wide breadth of topics, such as millennial money, the best colleges, retirement, scientific discoveries, and global market trends.

As Dominique Busso, CEO of 360 BusinessMedia and Publisher of Forbes France, said, “Innovation, entrepreneurship, success and culture are part of the French DNA.” Well, if that’s true, then Forbes France will fit in perfectly.

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