WATCH: Five Ways to a French Man’s Heart

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In the movies, French men are stereotypically romantic guys who love to wax poetic about girls’ eyes, bring them roses and take them on rides on their Vespas.

Or am I thinking about Italian guys? (Specifically Paolo from the Lizzie McGuire Movie??)

Either way, it’s obvious that these stereotypes are just stereotypes. Not all French guys are the same, and therefore not all French guys are as romantic as the movies have taught us. In fact, some French guys are just out there waiting for their true love, just like all the rest of us.

So if you’re in France for the summer, what does it take to get a summer fling going with a French guy?

According to French model Clement Chabernaud, there’s just five easy steps to winning a French man’s heart. He shared some of the things that he looks for in a girl, such as a touch of mystery, “energy floating between us,” and having similar interests.

Even if you’re not looking to win over a French man for your summer fling, watch the video purely for the cheekiness of Chabernaud’s wink at the end:


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