From the Field to the Elysée, the French Team Celebrates their Win

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In the two days since their World Cup victory over Croatia, 4-2, Les Bleus have been walking on air, welcomed with celebrations everywhere they go. From the field where they congratulated each other, while fans sang their praises in the streets, to lifting the trophy under rain-heavy confetti that stuck to their bodies, to the locker room where President Emmanuel Macron greeted (and dabbed with) them, to the press conferences and dinners, to the fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of their champions, to the parade of their lifetime, to an evening at the Elysée Palace with Macron and first lady Brigitte Macron.

This is the story of Les Bleus’ World Cup celebration, in images, from the moment it began on the field.

On the Field

In the locker room

At a press conference and in the evening

Around the World

At the parade

At the Elysée Palace with President Macron and Brigitte

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