Fashion Designer Alexa Chung Learns How to Date Like a French Girl

Alexa Chung has been around the fashion block, so to speak. The former British model has been a television presenter, fashion designer, and style writer. But sometimes even the most beautiful among us need to turn to the French for a little help in the romance department.

In this video, Alexa goes to Josephine de la Baume, the French actress, model, and frontwoman of Film Noir, to learn how to date à la française. Josephine shows off a truly impressive collection of lingerie, explains that French mothers are not quite as prudish when it comes to talking about sex to their children, and encourages Alexa to kick it up a notch on date night. But the best part of the video might be Josephine showing Alexa how to do emotional jiu jitsu on a man in the most French way possible.


If all this talk about l’amour has got you prowling the streets for a new man to slam doors on, brush up on your French dating vocab so you can draguer like the best of them.