Explore these Underwater Caves off the Southern French Coast

Are you ready to let your wanderlust roam free?

Join husband and wife sailing team Elayna Sleesman and Daniel Romine on this adventure along the Cote de Provence as they uncover exquisite rainbow caves and stunning crystal blue waters with their GoPro. These world travelers follow word-of-mouth to some of the most beautiful seaside locales on their boat, La Vagabonde. Their YouTube series Sailing La Vagabonde will make you remember your childhood dreams of playing pirates or trying to sail off the edge of the Earth — and if anyone could do it, it would be these two.


In this episode, Elayna and Daniel visit Calanque De Sormiou, an anchorage off the coast of Marseille so small that they had to swim the extra mileage to shore from the mandatory docking point. In the second half of the episode, they explore Île de Porquerolles, the largest of the three islands in the Îles d’Hyères, referred to by Condé Nast Traveler as “The French Riviera’s Last Frontier.” The picturesque Mediterranean village was bought in 1912 by Belgian entrepreneur François Joseph Fournier as a wedding present for his second wife.

As far as wedding presents go, not too shabby. Watch this video to see why Île de Porquerolles might be a perfect gift for any newlyweds looking for a hidden gem to brag to their friends about.