Explore the French Market With Parisian Chef Alex

Émile Zola once called the wholesale market-turned-shopping-mall Les Halles the “Belly of Paris.” But anyone who’s been to an open-air French market knows that, like a farmer’s beloved cow, Paris has many stomachs and each plays an integral part in the daily life of the average Parisian.

Alex Gabriel, local Parisian chef and YouTube vlogger of the channel Alex French Guy Cooking, gives us a taste of fresh, locally-sourced goodness that will send any foodie spasming with hungry desire on his video tour of the French marché. Alex and his friends nerd-out in the boucherie and about 36 month old cheese, and show prospective shoppers the ins and outs of navigating your local market. Shot in the 11ème arrondissement, this video takes us to the neighborhood of hipsters and immigrants, the perfect combination for culinary bliss. This episode’s tasty treat is a tartine, the beautiful open-faced French sandwich, here topped with compte, wild asparagus, and other lucky market finds.


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