Explore the Beautiful Old Town in Nice

Around this time of year, everyone starts thinking about a warm Mediterranean getaway. We browse flights to Greece and Italy online, saying, of course, that we’re, “just looking.”

Well, if you want to jack your wanderlust up to the next level, check out this tour of Old Nice with the folks over at Easy Languages. Only a part of France since 1870, this port city has lived many different lives, beginning as a fortress for the Kingdom of Piemont-Sardinia and eventually becoming the beloved tourist locale that it is today.

The gorgeous coastal city is so notorious for its tourism that one of its prime cuts of waterside land is called the Promenade des Anglais, for the large influx of English aristocrats who visited the town at the peak of its heyday. And it looks like there are a few spots left on the beach, in case you just started reaching for your credit card.