Everyday French Makeup Look

We all have a particular look we think of when we think of the “classic French makeup look”: approximately two dozen creams, minimal foundation, nearly no contouring or highlighting, and of course, the stunning red lip that works so well on people with a typically French complexion.

But no people can be siphoned down to a single aesthetic, just as no girl can be expected to wear exactly the same makeup everyday. Where would be the fun in that?

In this video by The Very French Girl, our lovely French style guru gives a tutorial on a simple and fresh everyday makeup look. Products by NARS and Becca take center stage, as well as a nude Huda matte liquid lipstick that works for every complexion. So dust off your brushes, you’ll be using a lot of them.

If you want more of The Very French Girl, check out one of her other everyday looks here. Interested in the difference between French and American makeup? There’s an awesome video comparison tutorial here.