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Last-Minute Holiday Recipes with French Guy Cooking

A plate of food with broccoli

The holiday season has begun. You’ve got a belated Friendsgiving on the docket. Then the office Christmas party. Then a potluck. Then dinner with the folks. You don’t have time to cook (and you’re not that great at it anyway), but you don’t want to show up empty-handed.

Chef Alex to the rescue! In the first of three videos on last-minute Christmas dishes, this French Guy Cooking shows how to make three easy side dishes with minimal ingredients, minimal time, and maximum flavor. The first is a mashed potato-ball recipe, some classic homey goodness. The second is a spicy Asian brussel sprout recipe for the veg fans out there, and the third is a maple root vegetable dish with a sweet and salty finish.

Looking for more easy holiday recipes? Check out Alex’s videos on three simple sauces and three last-minute salads. And joyeuse fêtes!

Want more of Alex? Get his French Guy Cooking cookbook.

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