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Election 2017: What are the Issues

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With the impending French presidential election, candidates like Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, and François Fillon are vying to impress the voters in France.

But the trending issues that candidates tend to focus on, such as immigration, terrorism, and EU relations, aren’t always what the French voters think is most important.

Last week, Reuters news agency polled 100 French voters in the city of Chartres, just outside of Paris, to see what their top concerns were in deciding who to vote for in the upcoming election. The most common answers to the poll were unemployment and trust.

Trust is an interesting issue in French politics, and it’s the main reason why François Fillon has been diving in the polls after it came out that he had been using public funds to pay his wife and children for jobs which they had not been actually doing.

While the people polled in Chartres probably do not represent the whole of France, it’s an interesting poll to see what issues might end up making the most impact for the presidential candidates.

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