Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Man Caught Scaling the Side

Some people will do anything to get a good view.

Panic ensued at the Eiffel Tower on Monday, May 20, when the Parisian monument was put on lockdown after a man in black was seen scaling the side of the structure. The climber, who has yet to be identified, apparently entered the Tower like any ordinary tourist, but began climbing once he reached the second floor. Not a brilliant idea to try and pull off at the tourist hub of a city on high alert after its recent history of violent terrorist attacks. The structure and many of its surrounding streets were cleared, with many left stranded at the top for a while. A firefighter was sent up to assist the man on his climb down, and six hours later, after climbing all the way to the top, the man was taken into police custody.


The Eiffel Tower will reopen as usual on May 21.