Where to Eat in Montreal for Less than $6

A group of people standing in front of a restaurant

Who says you have to spend a lot to eat well? In Montreal, many restaurants offer all their dishes for $6 or less. Are you skeptical about portion size or quality? Don’t worry about it. Their plates are just as well prepared and heaped with generous servings as ones at more expensive restaurants. The restaurants’ secret to this cheap option: they make money on drinks and serving lots of people.

In the Plateau, L’Entrepôt


A woodsy atmosphere (with snow and natural wood as decor) makes this small place in the Plateau, where all the dishes are at $5.95 without necessary drink purchase, feel quite warm and friendly. A standard menu (chicken wings, tacos, spaghetti, etc) and a service that’s sometimes a little slow, but fortunately, always done with a smile. – 1019 avenue Mont-Royal Est

In Rosemont, Le Pot Masson


The place is always full. It makes sense though, since each dish is $5.90 with the purchase of a drink! Here, we love everything: their industrial decor, their really fresh ingredients, their team, and their happy hour. We’re honestly still in shock from how great it was and how small the check was. – 3141 Rue Masson

In the Latin Quarter, Cinko


The price of the dishes on the menu? You just have to read the name of the restaurant to guess it (i.e., cinq-o, i.e., $5.55). A large establishment with great urban-city decorations where the food is more than just alright. The place is happening at night! Perfect for a meal after a movie or right at dinner time. – 1641 Saint-Denis

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