How to Craft the Perfect Bastille Day Insta

Bastille Day is upon us and if you’re not French, you may need some pointers on how to celebrate (and Instagram) the occasion. The French like to celebrate le quatorze juillet in style, by reading books, taking advantage of the free entrance to museums, and going out with friends. So, this year, wherever you celebrate July 14th, leave the berets and miming equipment at home and up your Instagram game with a quintessential, French Bastille Day aesthetic. Here are five do’s and five don’ts for getting the perfect ‘gram.

The Do’s

1. The literary ‘gram

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Snap a pic reading. Preferably some revolutionary reading to be on-brand or else one of these nine excellent French summer reads. You can go old school with Simone de Beauvoir or be trendy with the new book on French philosopher Michel Foucault’s wild time in the Valley of Death.

2. The ~casual~ park pic

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Now’s the time for the picnic of your dreams. Your flakey friends who moved recently? Your first roommate you sort of like from college? Your best friend who’s deep in summer love so you haven’t seen them in weeks? Lead by example and bring everyone together on a blue and red checked table cloth in your favorite park for an apéro. We suggest a nice selection of stinky cheeses (a Camembert left out two days, or a Roquefort, will do the trick), a baguette, and a slightly sour fruit tart. Classy as always.

3. The “this is totally natural” patriotic touch


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Include and blue, white, and red tribute in a subtle way — wedge sandals, earrings, or socks with a colorful accent can add the perfect I-am-aware-it-is-Bastille-day touch to a classy, simple outfit (the standard for French fashion). Pose next to a contrasting color and voilà! You’re ready to post.

4. The French-girl breakfast

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Start your day with a coffee and croissant — a small, Insta-worthy treat-yourself indulgence perfect for the holiday. Bonus points if you get red jam in the shot too.

5. The “I celebrate like an adult now” pic

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Fill your Insta story with shots of the evening celebrations, no matter where you are in the world. You’re going to that parade wearing glitter and a rocking tri-color outfit? That’s you on the rooftop balcony with view on all the fireworks in town? Let the whole world know. Highly recommend muting your aunt from your feed though…

The Don’ts

1. The beret feature

Chill with the berets and stick-on mustaches. No explanation needed.

2. The flag pic

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Leave French flags out of your pics — that’s a thing that Europeans don’t quite understand.

3. The cliché marinière shot

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We get that navy and white stripes make you feel like the French girl of your dreams but trust us, even Coco Chanel took some days off from her iconic pattern.

4. The Joyeux Bastille Day caption 

Ditch the “joyeux bastille day”caption. Switch it up with the real ~French lingo~: “Joyeux quatorze juillet” (J-why-euh cat-orz jwee-eh. Sort of.)

5. The food porn pic circa 2011

We’d never tell you to skimp on beautiful desserts, but a story is the definite better format than 10 #foodporn Instas. This is Bastille Day 2019, after all.

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