Dîner en Blanc Styles Governors Island in White for a Night: Photos

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Gigantic hairstyles, luminous displays, feathers and sequins, garments prepared with care for several months… all in white.

Dîner en Blanc has done it again for the 8th time in New York, on Monday, September 17th. At midday, the ecstatic 6,500 chosen guests discovered that the festivities would take place on Governors Island, the small island to the south of Manhattan which displays a beautiful view of the skyline.


“For Dîner en Blanc, we try to choose a spectacular location. Governors Island offers a different experience to the participants,” explains Sandy Safi, co-founder of Dîner en Blanc International. “This year, the organization of the event was a little complicated. It was supposed to rain, and we had to take the ferry to get here. These two elements don’t go together very well…” she confides.

In the end, the weather was not a spoilsport. New Yorkers filled the tables and chairs and displayed their most beautiful immaculate costumes in the middle of the island’s historic dwellings, where the British governors of New York lived in the 18th century. The white napkins have, once more, spun in the air for a spotless meal.

Photos: Eric Vitale

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