Diner en Blanc is coming back to NYC!

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Dig the white picnic baskets, white tablecloths, and white Derby hats out of the closet because the world’s classiest pop-up dinner party is back.

Now in its sixth year, Diner en Blanc returns to New York City on September 15th at a yet-to-be-revealed location. At this very moment, guests all over the city are waiting by their phones and computers with baited breath for the reveal of Diner en Blanc’s destination. Sure, guests may be stressed out, but would it really be as fun without all the secrecy? (Probably not.)

Last year, the location was kept a tight-lipped secret until the absolute last minute. Gleeful guests arrived in waves, carrying white tables, chairs, and table décor. Pier 26 on the Hudson River was quickly transformed into an ephemeral, ethereal soirée. Party-goers dined and danced to live music, then left without a trace. The phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” has never been more applicable to an event than Diner en Blanc.

As the name suggests, the required attire is all white, but that doesn’t mean that guests have to dress formally. Elaborate costumes, gravity-defying hats, gleaming jewels, and feather boas are all welcome and encouraged. Though the picnic dinners don’t have to be fancy, presentation is key. (Champagne flutes and three-tiered plates are a common sight to see.) For anyone who doesn’t want to cook, chef Todd English will be whipping up a few special meals for those willing to pay extra.

Of course, getting on the guest list of NYC’s most secretive pop-up dinner party isn’t easy. Becoming a “member” of the party requires taking several steps. As of August 22nd, already registered members were able to sign up for Diner en Blanc. Then guests of members were able to register on August 25th. Lastly, hopeful people of the waiting list will receive their invitations on August 30th in groups according to the first letter of their last name. Unfortunately, it’s too late for those not already signed up to add themselves to the waitlist, but there’s always hope for 2017!

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