(Sponsored Post) Délifrance’s 11th Annual Sandwich World Cup

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In 1999, Délifrance launched the Délifrance Sandwich World Cup, a competition with the purpose of promoting the work of food industry professionals and, since 2011, the work of culinary students.

Evaluated by world-renowned chefs (Michel Rostang, Pierre Troisgros, and Michel Roth, to name just three past judges), the winning recipes of each edition show that the sandwich is more than just a snack and can be a full, balanced, and delicious meal.

This competition, which is unique in the industry, has seen nearly 100 professionals and students from many different cultures compete over the last ten editions. The competition’s growing renown now attracts contestants from all five continents and from culinary capitols as distinct as Turkey and Japan. For the first time, we have a student from the United States: Darren Veilleux from Johnson & Wales University.  The creations get bolder and more sophisticated every year, just like fast food trends themselves!

For Délifrance, inspiration is a driving force.

Thanks to its vast network, Délifrance’s teams know local tastes and adapt their innovations to satisfy consumers in more than 40 countries. But to innovate, you must be open to the world, to new encounters, and to new trends—and be able to draw inspiration from them. The Délifrance Sandwich World Cup is about the reciprocal sharing of ideas and know-how with future chefs the world over and is an exceptional source of inspiration for all food service and bakery professionals.

The theme of the 11th edition puts the focus on the gastronomy of the various countries represented by culinary students. Using a selection of Délifrance bread and viennoiserie innovations, the candidates must revisit an emblematic dish from their country in sandwich form.

The grand final will officially start on March 14th, 2016, when the students pre-selected to compete in their respective countries will face off at the Paris Bakery and Patisserie School. A jury made up of great names from French and international gastronomy will choose the best candidates based on four criteria: gastronomy,  speed of preparation, nutrition, and cost.

This edition will pair two chairmen to evaluate the contestants’ entries: Arnaud Donckele, a chef with three stars in the Michelin Guide, and Sylvain Herviaux, a baker who won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011. Alongside them, there will be international food service professionals like Dominique Geulin, a MOF Baker from the St. Honoré bakery in the U.S. (Portland); Greek culinary consultant, Cristos Sokolis; and the Editor of the British Baker, Martyn Leek.

First prize is an inspiring trip across Europe to discover and follow courses on local cuisine.

For more information, visit the Délifrance Facebook page.

About Délifrance

With more than 1,000 bread, viennoiserie, pâtisserie and savoury products, Délifrance is one of Europe’s leading bread manufacturers. Every day, Délifrance strives to serve and support food service providers, retailers, bakers, and its franchise partners. A creator of bakery solutions for over 30 years, Délifrance makes new taste experiences by infusing simple and essential bakery products with flavour and inspiration. For more information on Delifrance in the USA, email [email protected]

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