Deadly Floods Ravage Towns in Southern France

France’s southern region of Aude has become somewhat of a real-life Atlantis after this week’s torrential flooding, with the current death toll at 10.

Aude hasn’t seen flooding like this in over a century, with water rising in some places to over 20 feet. 700 emergency workers have been dispatched, and Prime Minister Édouard Philippe visited the area to make a public appearance amidst turmoil in his own cabinet. Bridges have been torn down, roads are underwater, and schools have been closed until the flooding subsides. Thousands have been rescued by boat, and many by helicopter in areas too waterlogged to be safely traveled by boat.


With months of rainfall pouring down in only a few hours, service workers and volunteers will have a lot of cleanup to do. Meanwhile, climate change protesters across France this week say, “I told you so.”