A Day in the Life of a Student Studying Abroad in France

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It’s every French-studying student’s dream to study abroad in France.

And it is every bit as romantic as you think it will be: walking along the Canal St. Martin, getting a baguette fresh every day on the way to university, taking spur of the moment trips to the Notre Dame or any of the fantastic monuments.

But, there are other less romantic parts of studying abroad that, in my opinion, are actually the best parts. It’s not like you can sustain a tourist’s attitude for the entirety of the time you’re there. Sometimes, it feels really good to just live a regular, every day life in the most French way possible.

Going to the grocery store in France is one example of how fun it can be living abroad. The endless selection of brands you have never heard of and fresh fruits and vegetables (that are really fresh) as well as the cheese aisle, or fromagerie, really make you feel like you’re living the French lifestyle.

Thinking about studying abroad in France? Check out this student’s Day in the Life vlog! (Note: this is a university age student, so beware of some occasional swearing and light drinking.)

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