Dating Advice From French Women

The next time you meet a guy who gives you head-to-toe chills, this is the video you need to watch.

Parisian women have always had a certain… je ne sais quoi. How do they get men to fawn all over them without lifting a finger? How do they manage to look flawless and sexy as though they just woke up like this? In this video, Harper’s BAZAAR asks French women for their dating tips and tricks, from what to wear, to how to flirt, and how to tell a man you’re just not that into him.


Their answers might be simpler than you would think. In short: effortlessness. Maybe on your next date, skip the heels, forget the eyeshadow, and let the guy focus on you, not what you’re wearing. Save that bombshell look for a special night, and try to look less “like a cake” and more like, perhaps, a simple, perfectly crafted croissant.

And if you thought Americans had perfected the art of ghosting, you might learn that our French counterparts aren’t that much more ethical than we are when it comes to dissing that iffy Tinder match…