All-American Boy Brought Pancakes to Paris

Craig Carlson, the American founder of the Paris-based diner Breakfast in America, has published a book about his story.

“You have to be a bit crazy to open an ‘American Diner’ in Paris when you’re a foreigner living in the world’s food capital, have no money, no knowledge about the restaurant industry, and have never managed a business.”

For this kid from Connecticut, who dreamed of becoming a screenwriter, the roundabout path to success had as many twists and turns as a movie plot. On September 6th, Carlson’s writing debut – a tell-all book about the launch of Breakfast in America entitled “Pancakes in Paris: Living the American Dream in France” (Editions Sourcebooks) was published in the US. Carlson’s depiction of the journey of bringing American diner food to Paris is a thrilling ride, filled with anecdotes about being a foreign entrepreneur in France. “Pancakes in Paris” is also a declaration of love to Carlson’s adopted home.

“If my story can serve as inspiration to my compatriots, I would be thrilled. And, in a way, I could say that I’ve achieve my American dream…in reverse!”

Before returning to manage his Parisian restaurants (and start work on the French adaptation), Craig Carlson crosses the US on a book signing  tour.

Catch him tonight 9/23) at 7pm at Dizzy’s Diner in Park Slope, Brooklyn, or on Monday 9/26 at 6.15pm at Shakespeare and Company on the UES.

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