Is Rue Crémieux’s Status As Paris’s Biggest Instagram Trend Almost Over?

In tourist cities like Paris, it’s normal for locals to stick their noses up at the floods of visitors taking their pilgrimage to the famous sites. But what do you do when your own home becomes part of the biggest tourist trend of the year?

That’s the problem currently plaguing residents of Rue Crémieux, a small side street in the 12th arrondissement of Paris filled with colorful houses and way too many Instagram influencers. Over the last couple of years, Rue Crémieux has become the hot destination for models, dancers, photographers, and musicians looking to get the perfect photograph. But residents are pushing back, putting up signs forbidding photography and noise, asserting their right to the benefits a quiet, residential street is meant to provide.


But, as with any major trend, one would hope that Rue Crémieux’s popularity must reach an apex, followed by a dropoff point. Because think about it—how are you supposed to get that perfect pic for the ‘gram if those gorgeous houses are all blocked off by other people trying to take their own?