Could Paris Be The New Business Capital of Europe?

For hundreds of years, Paris and London have each worn their own crown. And no, I’m not talking about royals — I’m talking about their roles in the world. Paris as the cultural capital of Europe, and London as its financial capital.

But shakeups in the political sphere might end up giving France a double coronation. Post-Brexit, the country has made moves to replace London as the business capital of Europe, vying against other European cities like Dublin and Frankfurt for the honor. Cutting taxes for France’s wealthy, decreasing labor regulations, and signing over more than 30 companies relocating from London to Paris are all part of Macron’s bid to build the French economy.


However, as with the French president’s tax and labor reform, Brexit might not be all peaches and cream for France. As the England’s largest business partner, France could stand to lose billions of dollars in trade between the two nations.

But as for now, that’s not stopping Macron and his crew from pushing to Make France Great Again.