Corolle: The Dolls of Your Youth

A woman holding a baby

(Sponsored Article) Corolle is a veritable French success story. Founded in Touraine in 1979, the enterprise began with, above all, a strong desire to design dolls that perfectly recreate newborn infants, dolls that you’d want to hand down from generation to generation.

Corolle runs a real atelier where five people work to create: they dream up designs and carefully select fabric and materials. Sketches, photos, patterns, colors, and shapes directly inspired by actual children’s fashion are then picked and put together to give birth to “hit dolls.” Mission accomplished, then: Corolle dolls—for children from 18 months to 5 years old—have now become symbols of childhood and French chic alike. Fifty people work together to pour their hearts into plying their unique know-how in the world of doll-making. With their soft toys, baby dolls, and everything toy-related, the brand encourages children’s emotions to “bloom”—laugh, smile, cry, dream, imagine, like…

Corolle, now owned by Mattel, are a French export now available in the United States. These one-in-a-million dolls look good enough to eat, and are adapted to the size of children, soft to the touch, and scented with vanilla. The range of products sold on this side of the Atlantic is wide: large and small accessories (strollers, cribs, high chairs, etc.), clothes,  and “multi-cultural” dolls. Relive your childhood emotions and share them with those around your Christmas tree.

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