Stephen Colbert Creates a Smokey the Bear for France, ‘Fumez Le Bear’

In the wake of tragedy, it can be hard to find humor in the midst of so much pain and chaos…

Unless, of course, you’re a late night talk show host, in which case, that’s kind of your job. Following the horrific Notre-Dame fire last week, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert featured this cheeky little cartoon depicting a Frenchified, nihilist version of the beloved American firefighting mascot, Smokey The Bear. The French version, “Fumez Le Bear,” discusses the responsibility of everyday Parisians to fight church fires… or, well, something like that.


Colbert’s bear might be a joke, but the importance of preventing fires in old timber-structured buildings isn’t. Learn just why the cathedral went up in smoke so fast, and what you can do to help bolster the rebuilding process.