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Christmas In France

Here in the US, kids grow up anticipating waking up on Christmas day to piles of presents, a huge feast, and a family gathering. But did you know that in France, most of the celebration actually happens on Christmas Eve?

In fact, even though it’s the same holiday, there are a ton of differences between the way that the French celebrate Christmas and the way Americans celebrate it. And yes, most of the traditions have similarities such as eating a lot of delicious food, being with family and friends, giving thanks, etc. Still, there are subtle differences which make France’s Christmas celebration unique.

Maybe the most unique of all is the Bûche de Noël, the quintessential Christmas cake of France, which is cake and cream rolled up to look like a log, which is why in English the dessert is called a “Yule Log.” If you’ve never had one of these decadent Christmas cakes, run to your nearest French bakery because they will most definitely be making them for Christmas.

Learn more about French Christmas traditions:


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