Charles Aznavour Finally Gets His Star on the Walk of Fame

At age 93, Charles Aznavour, French music icon extraordinaire, has just received the 2,618th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The international celebrity, sometimes called the French Sinatra, is of French and Armenian heritage, something he credits in his speech as being vital to his success.


“It’s fantastic to be able to have two different cultures working for you,” he says. While French-Armenian relations have not always been amicable, the singer remains a symbol of music’s ability to cross borders and bring people together, wherever they are from.

Famous for songs such as, “Yesterday, When I Was Young,” “For Mama,” “She,” and “You Make Me Feel So Young,” Aznavour has been a prolific songwriter. His career began at age nine and continues today, with the legend still writing and touring. His songs have been covered by everyone from Ray Charles to Bob Dylan. He has always used his music to speak out for the underrepresented, such as with his fundraising campaign for the 1988 Armenian earthquake, and his controversial 1972 song, “Comme ils Disent,” about the life of a gay man.

Watch Aznavour’s speech in the video above.