Charcuterie to Die For: Juveniles in Paris

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After our jaunt last week to the 1st arrondissement, we thought we’d circle back around to a favorite topic of the French and of French Morning in general: charcuterie. Yes, the WHO says processed meats are just as certainly carcinogenic as cigarettes are, but the French know they will not live forever, and if our last thought on earth will ring out for eternity, you certainly don’t want it to be “I should’ve eaten more charcuterie.” Today, we visit Juveniles in Paris.

Juveniles, at 47 rue de Richelieu in the 1st, is in its second generation as a family wine bar, and Margaux Johnston has updated the space with a resolute bistro attitude with the help of her chef boyfriend (chef, not chef). The bar has been a mainstay for curious wine connoisseurs since 1987, offering an array that stretches outside of France’s Gallic borders, relying more on the meritocracy of taste rather than the tyranny of wine-related jingoism (hereafter referred to a vingoism). Indeed: it doesn’t matter where a great wine comes from so much as where it’s going.

For charcuterie, Juveniles offers a plate of meats from Maison Conquet, a father-and-son butcherie in Laguiole, Aveyron. The board pairs fantastically with their selection of cheese and a nice Italian wine. If your appetite requires a little more than charcuterie, there’s a braised veal breast and, for those wanting to momentarily escape France altogether, a Macsween haggis served with potatoes. Better pair that with a digestif.

47 rue de Richelieu
Métro Pyramides
Paris 1st

Open Tuesday to Saturday 12-2:30pm, 7-10:30pm

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