Celebrate Bastille Day 2016 with FIAF NYC

Bastille Day 2016

BREAKING NEWS: French Morning will have its own stand at FIAF’s annual 60th Street Bastille Day 2016 Festival!

Stop by to say “salut”! We’ll be around all afternoon, and it’s always a pleasure to meet our readers.

But your favorite Francophile website won’t be the only reason to come uptown… To cater to the 40,000 visitors who flock to this super-sized street fair, FIAF went all out with performances, food stands, a vintage Citroën car show, activities for kids, and much more. Perennial highlights include performances by the cast of “An American in Paris”, and Edith Piaf tribute by French-Canadian actress and jazz singer Myriam Phiro. There’s a puppet show for the kids (“The Three Little Pigs”), and a book signing with the french best-selling author Marc Levy for parents. And of course there’s a can-can performance, because hey – this is France!

Soccer fans probably already noticed that the 60th Street festivities fall on the same day as the finals of the Euro Cup. We’re way ahead of you. FIAF will air the France/Germany match on a giant screen in their very own air-conditioned Florence Gould Hall. For free.

Food tasting takes pride of place at this most French of festivals: Partake in a champagne tasting ($75 for non-members) in the FIAF Skyroom; or wine and beer tastings ($25 for members/non-members) in the FIAF Tinker Auditorium. Hard liquor and wine from Ricard, beer from Kro, cheeses from Président, and baguettes will all be available. Purchase your tickets for the tastings in advance on FIAF’s Bastille Day website. And to sweeten the pot, FIAF will also be holding raffles throughout the day with plenty of prizes to win, including a trip to Paris!

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