Cédric Grolet and Dominique Ansel Share their Secrets to Making Good Pastries

INSIDER producer Herrine Ro might have bitten off a little more than she could chew when she signed up to learn the art of patisserie from none other than pastry legend Cédric Grolet.

The French master of pastries gained his fame primarily from a series of fruit-like desserts so realistic that people often think they are real fruits until they bite in. In this video, Grolet notes the European candy, Kinder eggs, as one of his main inspirations for the desserts, and shares the correct way to eat one of these “fruits”… surprisingly, similar to how one would eat an oyster. Even with another French pastry chef, Dominique Ansel, translating, you can see how the Grolet’s savage sense of humor shines through (like when the chef tries to actually cut off Ro’s nail extensions with a pair of kitchen scissors).


At the end, Ro might not have learned how to become a master patissier. But she learned a few tips and tricks… and not to bring French tips to a knife fight with Cédric Grolet