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Why this "American" habit is demodé in France.

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Dip into French film noir this fall and capture iconic Paris with its cobblestones, dim street lights and low-key simmering tension.
Why this "American" habit is demodé in France.
[Sponsored article] Reims is a true gourmand's city with a wide range of restaurants, cafés, beer bars, Champagne bars, Champagne houses, winegrowers, food shops, and local producers.
[Sponsored article] Far from the ambient gloom and the global economic context, the Parisian real estate market remains very dynamic for family or exceptional properties. Sales in the City is here to help you achieve your Parisian dream.
[Sponsored article] France is full of opportunities for the outdoor adventure enthusiasts. If you’re thinking of moving to France, Currencies Direct listed some activities and the best locations to consider.
Hear all about a new Apple TV show set in France and Tokyo.
The French have a whole other meal that Americans don't, and we should really be getting in on the ritual.

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