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Learn how to use Bayonne ham, France's charcuterie specialty.

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There’s nothing like a French marché – the vibrant, colorful stands, the witty banter of master cheesemakers… Le District will open its doors in December 2014, just a stone’s throw from Wall Street.
Only a few years ago it was nearly impossible to find a real galette des rois in the US, even in New York. Fortunately, times have changed and French bakeries abound in the Big Apple where you can get a frangipane treat that is truly authentic. Here is French Morning's list of great places to get your Epiphany galette.
This holiday season, cook with all the flair and originality of a great chef with these recipes prepared for French Morning by culinary stars Phillipe Bertineau (Benoit), David Bouley (Bouley Restaurant) and Francois Payard.
Sitting at a table under a dazzling crystal chandelier, in the heart of the New York Palace Hotel, acclaimed chef Michel Richard, 65, reigns over his new restaurant, Villard Michel Richard, as if he was born there...
As he prepares for the launch of his fifth cook book highlighting recipes from his beloved New York Restaurant, Daniel, Chef Daniel Boulud muses on balancing his heavy celebrity chef media obligations with hands-on hours in the kitchen.
Learn how to use Bayonne ham, France's charcuterie specialty.
A little bit of cognac goes a long way in these fabulous cocktails.
French cooking is considered one of the best in the world, and there's no better way to experience it than by diving into the heart of it with a cooking class at Cook'n With Class.
A few cheeses, a few minutes of preparation, and voilà! You are practically in Paris.
[Sponsored article] Reims is a true gourmand's city with a wide range of restaurants, cafés, beer bars, Champagne bars, Champagne houses, winegrowers, food shops, and local producers.
Don't let mom do any cooking this Mother's Day.
"We are really working with a living product that, like wine, reflects the local terroir."

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