Camp Tekakwitha, a Breath of French Air

(Sponsored Article) Situated in the heart of Maine on the shore of beautiful Lake Androscoggin, Tekakwitha is a French camp that offers kids ages 8-17 a nature experience like nowhere else.

Indeed, over stays of either two or four weeks, the camp makes it a point of pride to offer youth activities specifically focused on personal development and communal living, through constant contact with nature.

And with over 250 acres to play in, the camp isn’t lacking for nature. It’s not uncommon to see an eagle surveying the lake, keeping an eye out for his supper, or a great blue heron taking flight in the nearby marshes or a porcupine waddling through the brush.

For nearly eighty years, Camp Tekakwitha makes the most of their natural environment, starting with the lake and its sandy beaches, which are ideal for water activities like swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and all sorts of water games that will delight campers so much that they’ll never leave their bathing suits.

The vast forest, with its trails and tents, also allows groups to enjoy an extraordinary camping experience, a great opportunity for young people to leave the comforts of their urban or suburban routines to learn to tame the natural world around them. And, of course, there’s plenty of sports and athletics, from basketball and football to volleyball and climbing, to complement the water-bound activities at Tekakwitha.

If all these high-energy diversions aren’t enough, special activities add even more flavor to the camp. Among these special events are major thematic games, an Olympiad, and even a day at the beach, all orchestrated by a dynamic and competent team of counselors made up largely of former campers!

Camp Tekakwitha is also well-known for the quality of its program for 14-16 year olds that centers mainly around hiking the Appalachian Trail. After much preparation, the kids hike the historic forest trail over a period of 8-17 days. After three summers, these “Tékakwithiens” have walked more than 280 miles through the wilderness of Maine! With such a broad range of activites, it’s not surprising that 75% of those who come to Tekakwitha return the following summer—they know that the nature escape will allow them to forget the hectic pace of city life and let them disconnect so they can reconnect with something closer to nature.

Camp Tekakwitha

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