Camille Charriere Spills French Girl Hair Secrets

“Is it kind of really a thing that French girls are quite religious about their haircuts?” George Northwood asks Camille Charriere.

“We have the same hairdresser from when we’re sort of teenagers all the way throughout our whole life.”


In this video Northwood, London-based hairdresser to the stars, interviews Charriere, French it-girl and model, on her hairstyling routine, and the tips and tricks of the French Girl Style game. Charriere talks about her love of adding one “tacky” accessory, like a crocodile clip, to an otherwise chic outfit to add character, and why she never never never blow dries her hair, preferring to comb through it with her fingers and let it air dry. She even goes into how you can tell the difference between an actress and a model based on their makeup alone.

At the end of the day, Charriere reminds us, “It’s about maintaining what you’ve got and making sure that you’re really looking after it, but not overly enhancing it on a day-to-day basis.” In essence, stop worrying so much about trying to imitate a specific kind of “French girl hairstyle.” Find one that works for you, take care of it, and take pride in it. That’s the French girl way.