Your Favorite French Groceries are Now Available in Le Marché


For all you Francophile readers, Frenchly’s got big news, and it’s a present for you.

Love of France often starts with a love of French food. That’s why that first taste of Camembert, sip of Kir Royale, or bite of a Suchard ‘rocher’ remains on the tip of your tongue a LOT longer than the vocab you learned on study abroad. For that reason, Frenchly is proud to announce…

Frenchly’s Le Marché

With just a few clicks you can purchase Dijon mustard, Côte d’Or chocolate, and mini-madeleines by St Michel, and have them delivered anywhere in the US. That highly debated Foie Gras? Bien sûr! Fresh products and prepared goods are also listed on the site.

eat the french way

Le Marché is Frenchly and French Morning’s response to an overwhelming demand by the French and Francophile community of the US for the most beloved French food. In a survey taken in 2015, 50% of readers said the thing they missed most about France was food. And since we care about you, Frenchly and French Morning decided to take action and give you want you wanted: an online marché of French food and grocery products.

The other reason for this is to ensure the future of Frenchly and French Morning. A diverse revenue stream means the sites need not rely entirely on advertising. Many other content platforms have moved into e-commerce with resounding success, such as Thrillist, and My Little Paris in France which soft drinks. We at Frenchly aspire to continue growing, and to assure our future providing you all with the French news through the help of online grocery sales.

Purists, fear not! Frenchly has no plans to abandon journalism for the grocery business! The revenue received by e-commerce will be used in the same way as our ad revenues: To finance the journalism that keeps you informed about France, French travel and lifestyle, and French culture in the US.

By shopping at Frenchly’s Le Marché, you will contribute toward paying the journalists who write your favorite French-related news. So stock up the cornichons, unwrap a Suchard rocher, and cheers to the future of Frenchly news with a Perrier and some sirop à la grenadine!

To access Le Marché, click here or click on “Le Marché” in the navigation bar of the Frenchly website.

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