Building A Medieval Castle… The Old Fashioned Way

A castle surrounded by a body of water with Chittorgarh Fort in the background

In a commune in Burgundy called Treigny, French builders are 19 years into building a medieval castle the old fashioned way.

Using only 13th century building techniques, like stone, clay, wood and fire, the workers are making slow but steady progress on the Guédelon Castle, which was designed based off of 12th and 13th century architectural models.

While the venture may seem kind of ridiculous to some, bringing back these ancient techniques has both a cultural and environmental importance. Not only does the building project stand as a sort of performance art mixed with historical re enactment that is educational and preserves French history, but the building techniques are also completely sustainable. The building could remind modern construction companies what it’s like to build while being environmentally friendly.

Though the project most likely won’t be finished for another 13 years, it’s interesting to watch the progress. Not only that, but it puts into perspective just how much work and time went into building some of the ancient buildings that are still standing today, like the Notre Dame de Paris.

Watch the progress on the Guédelon Castle:

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