Best Cafés to Work From in Paris

For those who work remotely or on a freelance basis, finding a good café to work out of can be a necessity. Whether you’re a writer, entrepreneur, or YouTube vlogger, it’s crucial to have somewhere you can go that has caffeine, wifi, and snacks to perk you up during that mid-afternoon slump.

In this video, British vlogger Cheryl of NonStopParis takes us through her favorite coffee shops to do work out of, based on criteria of wifi quality, coffee quality, comfort, and crowdedness (or lack thereof). The big winner is Pinson in the Marais, but runner-ups include Le Poutch near Chateau D’Eau, République of Coffee, Strada in the Latin Quarter, and Oni by Strasbourg/St.-Denis and République. The emphasis seems to be on Anglophone cafes and ones with vegetarian or gluten-free options, but the video tours will let you make your choice on your own.


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