Behind The Scenes of Chanel’s 2018 Haute Couture Collection

During this year’s Paris Fashion Week, we covered the outrageous pastel pink explosion that was Chanel’s 2018 Haute Couture collection for Spring/Summer.

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion legend and Chanel’s Creative Director, launched a full-scale floral assault on the audience, armed with thousands of yards of tulle and fashion’s new It Girl, Kaia Gerber. But from the audience, it can be difficult to tell just how much time and effort went into making these incredible outfits. This video will give you an inside look into just how tirelessly the designers at Chanel worked to turn these elaborate designs into living, walking creations.


Each flower on Chanel’s gowns is hand-painted and painstakingly sewn into delicate tulle gowns and bodices. Every tiny sparkle you see is a microscopic bead or sequin hand-stitched into the outfit alongside its ten thousand cousins. The work of these artists is truly remarkable, and this video stands as a reminder that fashion is always a work of love, dedication, and commitment to perfection.