A Bar Map of the Paris Métro


Just in time for the weekend, let’s revisit Thrillist’s rather brilliant rewrite of the Paris Métro map.

Click through for larger view.

The downside here, clearly, is that with the Métro stops replaced by a nearby bar’s name, you might not know that to have a drink at Le 7th, you need to get off at Blanche. Even more: bars like Le 7th are at the outside of the map’s 5-10 minute walking distance—and, in that case, you walk past Luxe Bar at minute 3, Café des Deux Moulins at minute 4, Café la Nazir at minute 6, Chez Clint and Les Relais Gascon at minute 7, all before ending up at what’s now 7th Ciel, the terrace bar at the newly renovated Terrass” Hotel [sic].

Still and all, the map makes for a great jumping-off point, except in the places where there are no bars. Head a couple stops from Blanche, for example, to Villiers, where the 2 and 3 cross paths: no bars! An intersection in Paris with two Métro lines and no bars! My god, what has Sarkozy done?

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.27.49 AM

Oh, apparently not much: surely the Tabac Rocher Monceau and L’Imprévu will deign to serve you a drink.

If anything, the map harkens back to the discovery of the New World, and you, as an intrepid explorer of l’ivresse parisienne, can take the uncharted stretches as a dare to bring cartographic closure to the Old World.

Check out the full map and individual maps for each line over at Thrillist.

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