Banksy’s Tribute Mural to 2015 Paris Attack Victims Stolen from Bataclan

Three years ago, the largest terrorist attack in Parisian history left 90 dead in the Bataclan music club following a mass shooting by Islamic extremists.

In 2018, in tribute to this great loss (and the dozens of others killed in simultaneous attacks throughout the city), a mural appeared on a fire exit door at the club. Attributed to the infamously anonymous street artist Banksy, the mural shows a veiled woman, clearly in mourning, stenciled on the black door. Or, at least, it used to. The entire door was cut from its frame and stolen this week, to the outrage of the club and many in the Parisian community who consider the act a sacrilege.


Though stolen Banksys go for millions on the black market, it is still difficult to imagine the kind of person who would intentionally hijack a piece of art that meant so much to a grieved community. Said the club, in response, on Twitter: “We are today filled with a deep sense of indignation. The Banksy artwork, a symbol of contemplation belonging to all — residents, Parisians and citizens of the world — has been taken from us.”