Australian Taste Tests French Treats

If you’ve ever tried French cookies, then you know that they’re just as delicious as any French foods. Somehow, the French just know the best ingredients to use, so that even their packaged food is better than everyone else’s.

However, Australian vlogger Cheeky Tam has not had French treats, at least not until this year, when a friend brought some back from France for her to taste test.


(Although as Tam said, a real French taste test would have just been having some cheese and champagne, but that would just be a video of her having a good time.)

What’s even better than watching her reviews of simple French sweets like butter cookies and chocolates, is hearing her pronunciation of them. The Australian accent meshes weirdly with French words.

If you’ve never tried some of these popular French treats, check out the video. You’ll be tempted to find a French pen pal to send you some of them: