Anthony Bourdain on Tour in NYC

Chef, food critic, world-touring TV host, author, and now… stand-up comic?

World-renowned French chef Anthony Bourdain kicked off his North American tour, “The Hunger” on October 7th in Boston. For a chef who hasn’t written a cookbook in over a decade, Bourdain has remained insanely popular thanks to his other food-related endeavors. His CNN travel-food show Parts Unknown debuted in 2013 and is currently in the middle of season 8. During summer 2015, he toured across North America in his one-man show called “Close to the Bone”.

The cover of Anthony Bourdain's "Appetites"On October 25th, Bourdain releases his family-inspired cookbook, Appetites. “There is nothing remotely innovative about the recipes in this book,” declares Bourdain in the introduction. “If you are looking for a culinary genius to take you to the Promised Land of next-level creativity, look elsewhere. That ain’t me.” For him, his happy-homemaker stereotype dissolved after spending too much time in tightly-run kitchens, which, according to Bourdain, “morphed [him] into a psychotic, anally retentive, bad-tempered Ina Garten.” Coincidentally, October 25th is also the day that America’s kitchen sweetheart Ina Garten also releases her new cookbook, “Cooking for Jeffrey”, named after her husband Jeffrey.

Leave your notebook and pen at home because Bourdain won’t be giving out recipes during his talk. He talks about cooking, his travels around the world, the people he’s met, his TV show and more. But this show isn’t just a lecture given by a chef. No, Anthony Bourdain is the bad boy of cooking, he must meet the expectation! “The Hunger” setlist is built on stories, reminiscing, and Q&A, recounted with biting comedy, sarcasm, quick quips, profanity, and food-bashing.

Bourdain stops in NYC for one night only on November 22nd at the Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn. Tickets are available for purchase here. His book is available for pre-order and purchase here.

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