75 Years Later, American D-Day Veteran Is Reunited with Long-Lost French Love

Get ready to shed a tear for true romance.

K.T. Robbins was a young American soldier stationed in rural France during World War II. Jeannine Ganaye was a French woman living in the town of Briey when she and Robbins met, and though the two were separated by war, they never stopped thinking about what could have been. While filming a piece on D-Day veterans, Robbins revealed a photo he kept of the young Ganaye, and journalists used the photo to track down the mysterious Frenchwoman. This France 24 video shows the heartwarming reunion of K.T. and Jeannine, 75 years after their last encounter.


Three-quarters of a century after D-Day, there are a lot of great battles and triumphs to celebrate. But sometimes, it’s the little victories that hit home the hardest.