Alvin Ailey Dance Company Turn Rue Montorgeuil into their Stage

It may just be me, but dance numbers in the streets of Paris always remind me of An American in Paris

With the help of a few French dancers, Alvin Ailey American Dance Company has taken on the mantel of producing elaborate dance numbers dans les rues françaises, and their final product is worth watching.

Beginning their street-crossing with some twirls, turns, and pointed toes to the tune of a mournful violin, the mood quickly picks up with the entrance of percussion and French krumper, Noscript. Talented French and American dancers alternate taking their own moments in the spotlight with a variety of different styles of dance from ballet to rhythmic gymnastics. The chain-reaction ends in a way that could only be classified as adorable, with an unexpected French Alvin Ailey-fan taking her own brief solo.

Watch for yourself and see the Alvin Ailey company, some talented French dancers, and one lucky white-haired Frenchwoman.