All the Cities Where You Can Attend Diner en Blanc in 2019

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It’s time for the ephemeral Dîner en blanc, the once a year white affair for the foodies, the Francophiles, and the DIYers. Put on your best linens and laces in bright white and arrive at the secret location, ready to wave your napkin, dine, and cheers to the pop-up party of the year.

Here are all the Dîner en blanc’s in the United States happening this summer and fall that you can still get on the waitlist for. The list will be updated as information becomes available.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida — February 16 (info here)

Decatur, Alabama — June 8 (info here)

Charleston, South Carolina — June 14 (info here)

Seattle, Washington — July 25 (info here)

New York, New York — July 27 (info here)

Hartford, Connecticut — July 28 (info here)

Baltimore, Maryland — August 2 (info here

Chicago, Illinois — August 8 (info here)

Charlotte, North Carolina — August 24 (info here)

Montreal, Canada — August 22 (info here)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — August 22 (info here)

Washington, D.C. — August 24 (info here)

Orange County, California — August 24 (info here)

Memphis, Tennessee — August 31 (info here)

Boston, Massachusetts — September 7 (info here)

Cincinnati, Ohio — September 12 (info here)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — September 13 (info here)

Wilmington, Delaware — September 14 (info here)

Honolulu, Hawaii — September 14 (info here)

Indianapolis, Indiana — September 14 (info here)

Long Island, New York — September 15 (info here)

Albuquerque, New Mexico — September 19 (info here)

Atlanta, Georgia — September 21 (info here)

San Diego, California — September 21 (info here)

Dallas, Texas — October 5 (info here)

Los Angeles, California — October 12 (info here)

Sacramento, California — TBD (info here)

Houston, Texas — TBD (info here)

Miami, Florida — TBD (info here)

Orlando, Florida — TBD (info here)

West Palm Beach, Florida — TBD (info here)

Birmingham, Alabama — TBD (info here)
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