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All the Bread-Related French Vocab You Will Ever Need

A basket full of food

For the French, bread is not just a staple food. It’s an integral part of everyday life, and if you want to sound like a local (or at least not like a tourist), you’ll need to know the lingo.

In this video from Learn French with Pascal, you will get to know every possible expression needed for getting le pain from your local boulangerie to your stomach. You’ll learn different kinds of breads, from pain de campagne (country bread) to pain complet (whole wheat bread). You’ll learn how to ask for bread, whether at the bakery or on the other side of the breakfast table, and a few special (and very crucial!) verbs like beurrer (to spread butter).

By the end of this video, no one will ever doubt your mastery of the art of the baguette ever again. Or, at the very least, your local boulanger might stop giving you the death stare whenever you ask how much a loaf will put you out.

Want more? Check out our guide to French bakeries.

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