All Of Paris Fashion Week In Under 4 Minutes

Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, and aside from the occasional Instagram post from The Cut, you really haven’t had time to look at the collections, the individual videos of which are about 15 minutes long each.

Luckily, the Swedish fashion blog A Fashion has put together a fashion week cheat sheet with all the best looks, lights, and scenery from this year’s Fall/Winter 2019 runway. Saint Laurent went all the way back to the 80s with neon, shoulder pads, and all-out rave lighting. Louis Vuitton decided, for whatever bizarre reason, to recreate Paris’s famous inside-out modern art museum, the Centre Pompidou… even though the show took place in the Louvre!


But the grand finale was, of course, the snowy Alpine cry-fest that was Chanel’s last collection designed by the recently-deceased Karl Lagerfeld before his death. A designer to be missed, and a collection definitely not to be.