Air France Will Offer More Flights to the United States starting in July

Joe Ravi / Shutterstock

Although it was one of the few airlines that continued to operate direct flights between France and the United States during the lockdown, Air France flights have been very limited: only New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta are currently served, and only partially. This will change, the French airline announced via social media.

As of June 15, Air France will be serving Chicago with three flights a week (Monday, Thursday and Saturday). But from July 6 onwards, the flight schedule will be filled more substantially. San Francisco and Boston will be added to the cities already served (Monday, Thursday and Saturday for both airports). In addition, connections to Los Angeles (once a day) and New York (once a day and twice on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays) will be increased.


As of August 3, Air France will be increasing to two flights a day to New York (JFK). This is a clear increase compared with the current situation, but still a long way from the 5 daily flights operated before the crisis, and flights to France are still only available to EU citizens, for the time being. For all its worldwide operations, Air France estimates that it will operate in August at 40% of its pre-COVID capacity. For the United States, a large number of direct routes will therefore remain excluded from this recovery until at least the end of August, notably Miami, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Washington, Detroit, and Seattle.