Air France Removes Star Wars Tie-Ins, Keeps Flights

After initially offering passengers flights from three American cities to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens two days before its U.S. release, Air France has removed all mention of the upcoming blockbuster. Almost.

The original promotion, which offered flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York to Paris, was apparently never run by Disney or Lucasfilm as an official movie tie-in, and Air France has gone generic with their copy. Anyone wanting to “be the first to see the year’s biggest film in France on December 16th” is still welcome to do so, but legally, Air France could stick you on a shuttle and screen any movie that fits that description: Avengers: Age Of Ultron, perhaps, with $279.9 million budget, the biggest of the year, and its 3 hour and 15 minute runtime, one of the biggest time commitments of 2015? They could conceivably show you an IMAX film, bound to be the biggest format movies released this year.

Discover how little anyone wants to be sued by Disney.
Discover how little anyone wants to be sued by Disney.

But it’s still safe to assume passengers will be seeing Star Wars, Episode VII, since the rebranded “Flight & Cinema” offer is announced on a background of stars. Air France has deleted almost other mentions of the unsanctioned cross-promotion from its websites and social media accounts. You can still follow our original URL to the offer, which included a redirect from starwarsvii.htm to starwars.htm, or follow this new link, which shows a redirect from starwars.htm to flightandcinema-offer.htm.