A Peek Inside Paris’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to travel to Paris in style? And no, we’re not talking about splurging on that single hostel room.

Welcome to two of the most famous hotels in Paris: the Ritz, and the Crillon. The Ritz you might know if you’re a literary buff, as it has a bit of an unusual role in Paris history. During World War II, the Lost Generation writer Ernest Hemingway went on a one-man mission to liberate the Ritz from the Nazi army, afterwards allegedly running up a tab for 51 dry martinis. In honor of this bizarre tale, the bar at the Ritz is now known as the Hemingway Bar.


The Crillon is a bit of a jump from the Ritz’s Louis XVI splendor. Though just as exquisitely curated, there’s a funkier vibe going on, with modern art adorning the walls and a slightly updated overall design. But don’t worry. You still get your own butler. Who can probably bring you 51 dry martinis if pressed.