A Look Inside The Parisian Apartment Of French Model Adèle Farine

“I think you feel the prettiest when you feel confident, and I need to wear clothes that I’ve worn often… clothes I can visualize myself in so I know exactly how I look all the time.”

French model, actress, and artist Adèle Farine comes from a family of architects, painters, and photographers, so it’s no surprise that the 21-year-old parisienne has a few artistic sensibilities. Since becoming a well-known face in Paris from a series of successful modeling campaigns, Farine has finally decided that it’s the time to move on. But before she heads to New York, a last longing glance at her gorgeous Parisian apartment is absolutely essential.


In this video by Vogue Paris, Farine explains her trademark style, a mix of masculine and babydoll chic, and where and how she likes to choose her outfits. Read the full Vogue profile here.